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The Mitguards

The Mitguards


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The Mitguards

The Mitguards

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Bio - The Mitguards

The Mitguards’ musical style, a hybrid of American roots music that includes folk, country and swing, makes their sound powerful and distinct. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the band consists of Chris Mitguard on acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals and Deb Mitguard on mandolin, accordion and vocals. Their original songs, framed by unique musical arrangements, weave a mixture of humor and tragedy through the stories they tell.

Chris, a Colorado native, is the songwriter for the band and has been writing songs since he was a young boy in the 1960s. His songs create powerful, visual, almost cinematic images. His well-crafted story lines are full of twists, turns and irony. They create the perfect backdrop for his sad, beautiful, sometimes dangerous, and undeniably human characters.

Deb grew up north of Detroit and has been performing since she was a young girl. Through the years she fell in love with mandolin and accordion and has developed a unique and charming style of playing. She has a natural sense of composition and theme, which adds layers of texture to The Mitguards’ sound.

Says Bill Reed of the Colorado Springs Gazette, “In his (Chris’) songwriting, Mitguard resists the urge to turn roots music into a reach for some mythical, idyllic past, and goes for a more relevant and immediate impact." The Mitguards are constantly expanding and stretching their material and performance style. Their spirited banter and engaging humor on stage creates an endearing and intimate atmosphere.

The Mitguards have played internationally in Canada and Australia.  They perform primarily throughout the west with regular tours through Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, and northern California.

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